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Holiday light installation

Let us take some of the stress out of the holiday season with our all-inclusive holiday lighting service.

Looking forward to your annual light display but not the work of hanging the lights? Allow us to help with your seasonal lighting needs! We have experience with all types of light displays, garland, wreaths, and more.

After the holidays, we’ll return to remove, pack and store your lighting for next year.

We offer Commercial quality lighting sales, design, installation, removal and storage for residential and commercial properties.

Your satisfaction with our service and products is guaranteed.

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Landscape, Patio and Backyard Light Installation

Landscape lighting along with accent and string lighting in your backyard is the perfect way to create ambience to your property. Allow us to create a wonderland of lights that will delight guests and family throughout the summer or all year round. Ambient lighting sets the mood for parties, celebrations, and long soaks in the hot tub.

Our Commercial grade lighting will withstand the elements giving you long lasting results. Suitable for residential or commercial use. From landscape lighting to light pathways, decks, pool areas to patio lights hung over your backyard fire pit or restaurants patio, to twinkling mini lights to add romance in your outdoor space our team of professionals will come speak to you about your vision, show you all the lighting options and provide you with a quote for the lights, installation and removal if needed.

Wedding and Special Events

Consult with us to determine lighting needs for your venue, we will then provide you with purchased or rented commercial grade lights, the install before the event and take down following the event. We can supply everything you need for a truly memorable custom light display.

Our lighting design specialists will work collaboratively with you to design the ideal lighting display for your property or event. Our goal is to achieve a high-impact and beautifully designed installation. We will consider your unique needs, decor desires, and then ensure that the lighting installation is done to the highest possible standard. We’re not done until you’re satisfied.

Book a consultation today

  • Appointments to suit your schedule—Book an appointment when it’s convenient for you.
  • Private consultation at your property—Online catalogues are fun and inspiring but it’s necessary to see lighting samples and view the quality of light in order to give you a sense of what will work best with your designs.
  • Expert advice—Your design specialist will listen to your needs, offer educated opinions, and personally guide you through the options available for each type of lighting accessory. Working alongside a lighting designer is a wonderful learning opportunity.
  • Professional installation—Our installers are fully trained in safety with working from heights and elevated platform certificates. You can be assured that your lighting installation will look its best.

Bulb Options

Mini Lights

The 5mm mini-lights are a versatile string light that is easy-to-use and rated for both indoor and outdoor applications. From warm white styles to multi-color bulbs and everything in between, these mini-lights can be used in a variety of applications.

The 5mm wide conical lens makes these LED bulbs shine bright in every direction. Whether you’re planning on lighting your outdoor trees and shrubs, or providing a certain ambiance to an indoor event,  5mm string lights are sure to get a reaction, no matter the application.

LED Bulbs

From traditional Christmas style C9, C7, C6 strawberry-shaped bulbs to our modern globe style G30 or G20 bulbs, you’re sure to find a high-quality LED bulb that works for any occasion!

We also have Snowfall lights for a truly magical holiday look!

Pick brown, black, white or green wire to suit your specific needs.

Filament Bulbs

Filament style bulbs look fabulous for patio’s, wedding tents and backyard areas.

Our filament bulbs come in the traditional Edison bulb style, G50 Round bulbs, a large Spiral filament bulb, and the C9 classic Christmas style  bulbs.

Add glass mason jars or metal shades for a fun look!

Pick brown, black, or white wire to suit your specific needs.

Why are commercial grade lights better than store bought lights?

1. One-piece molded LED string sets

Small LEDs last thousands of hours so there is no need to have removable bulbs. In fact, removable bulbs can corrode or short due to water. By using a sealed lamp, the bulbs are safer and will last longer.

2. Sealed connectors

Co-axial strings screw together and are sealed by a rubber o-ring. This results in a safer connection that won’t pull apart when the weather is stormy.

3. Replaceable bulbs for 365 installations

Our large light strings are designed with replacement bulbs. Larger bulbs use multiple LEDs and it is more cost effective to replace single bulbs rather than an entire string. For ease of maintenance, the bulbs are in a parallel circuit, which means that a single bulb can expire without affecting the entire installation.

4. Custom fit strings

We use a patented cut-and-join system that allows for small adjustments in the string to suit your home. No more leftover lights dangling at the side – just a neat and clean lighting installation that you can be proud of.

5. Our bulbs are brighter

Our LED strings use multiple diodes for each lamp which means a brighter and more colourful display for your home and yard.

6. UV Protection

Our bulbs contain UV stabilizers in them that prevent them from going cloudy over a short period of time. Your bulbs will be clear and bright for many years.

7. Different wire colour options

We sell base wire in several colours. These include green, black, brown, and white wire. This way you can choose a wire colour that closely matches the trim of the building, so that the lights are noticed, not the wire!

8. Bulbs for year round use

Summer and fall installations require a slightly different design compared to cone-shaped Christmas lights. For patios, events, and year round lighting, we use a round bulb that is aesthetically more pleasing.

9. Support

Our expert installers are not happy until you are. If something needs attention, you can count on use to respond promptly.