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We begin with an on-site consultation

Our lighting design specialists will work collaboratively with you to design the ideal lighting display for your property or event. Our goal is to achieve a high-impact and beautifully designed installation. We will consider your unique needs, decor desires, and then ensure that the lighting installation is done to the highest possible standard. We’re not done until you’re satisfied.

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  • Appointments to suit your schedule—Book an appointment when it’s convenient for you in the morning, afternoon, or evening.
  • Private consultation at your property—Online catalogues are fun and inspiring but it’s necessary to see lighting samples and view the quality of light in order to give you a sense of what will work best with your designs.
  • Expert advice—Your design specialist will listen to your needs, offer educated opinions, and personally guide you through the options available for each type of lighting accessory. Working alongside a lighting designer is a wonderful learning opportunity.
  • Professional installation—Our installers are trained in safety and use all possible care to avoid damage to your landscaping. You can be assured that your lighting installation will look its best.

Enjoy cheerful and exciting light displays all winter

Complete your holiday decor with quality light installations that reflect your celebratory spirit

Custom installations with quality materials make a design statement. Contact us today for a free consultation.